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Planning the future with ATS

Future-proofing in a changing world

The telecom industry has gone through considerable changes over the past few years. The introduction of Voice-over-IP (VoIP) has brought about the integration of voice, video, text, mail, and fax. Features once considered an expensive add-on now come as standard. Keeping up-to-date or future-proofing is a challenge with a probability of costly mistakes. As seen …

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A New Era and a New Way to Communicate

The backbone of ATS is using the latest technology to provide clear, concise, and effective communication for your company. Over the years, we’ve prided ourselves on being available to our customers — no matter the need. But we’ve also recognized that sometimes an email, phone call, or text message doesn’t adequately convey the services you …

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SIP Trunks from Clearfly. VoIP Calls and Texting

Clearfly partnerships VoIP Calling & Text. Clearfly provides a reliable end-to-end solution to unified communications and a regional footprint to serve our customers’ local and wide-area communications needs. Clearfly’s services come in flat-rate voice packages with unlimited domestic long distance service and are specifically designed for the needs of companies with 5 to 500 employees. …

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Wildix Unified Communications

The Wildix system is one of the most complete Unified Communications solutions, aimed at small to medium-sized businesses. Although extremely simple to use, Wildix is an efficient communications system, introducing video conference, chat, and user presence. Wildix is a multinational company that develops browser-based Unified Communications solutions and VoIP products. Unlike other solutions available in …

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