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Conferencing your way:

Has setting up conference calls become a pain? Feel like you have to constantly download new apps? Worried about the security of those apps and how it could impact your company? 

It might be time to “zoom out” and try Wildix — the product used by leading communications companies. 

Let ATS show you how easy it can be with a unified communications system built on security first with no apps to download. Teams can use it directly from a web browser on any device. 

With Wildix, turn customer calls into video meetings, conference in other members, and share documents and screens. Access the features your team needs faster and easier than ever before.

Reduce the need to open multiple apps and services, and eliminate user confusion. Manage cost while you grow. Discover one single communications platform to work in harmony with your business management applications.

Call us or click the link below to see how ATS can help manage your customer communications.


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