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The Best Conference Room Tech to Have in Your Office: Leveling Up Your Conference Room and Collaboration

For decades, conference rooms have served multiple purposes. From hosting office birthday parties to holding your company’s most important meetings, conference rooms are those spaces that are catch-alls. 

Since the pandemic, however, conference rooms have adjusted to reflect the needs of businesses to keep customers, clients, and employees safe. The rise of hybrid and flexible working environments means that conference rooms are getting the facelifts they finally deserve. 

Communication solutions like Wildix give businesses the opportunity to bring physical meetings and virtual meetings together in functional ways. Here are some reasons why it’s time to update your conference room and some of the most exciting ways you can modernize the space:

Time to Leave Outdated Conference Room Technology Behind

By updating your conferencing technology, you alleviate these issues: 

Lost productivity with lagging equipment 

There’s nothing worse than spending 20+ minutes of an hour-long meeting asking “can you hear me now? Oh, I think we lost you again…” Old equipment makes your team more vulnerable to dropped calls, choppy audio, and lags in communication. Those communication errors could result in even more meetings, frustrated teams, and loss of productivity that impact deadlines. 

Incompatibility hindrances

Your company gets used to certain softwares, whether those be collaborative programs like Microsoft Teams to document sharing services. It’s frustrating to have to go into and out of programs during conference calls simply because your old technology isn’t compatible with your favorite softwares. 

Unfair collaboration capabilities

The term “collaboration equity” might not be familiar to you, but the premise is simple: making sure your entire team can contribute equally no matter where they are. This means remote workers have all the technology they need to do their jobs from home — including joining in on calls to your conference room. However, old systems might not have the tools to allow for remote workers to collaborate at the same rate as someone who is in the office. 

Conference room trends to consider for an upgrade

High-quality camera for conferencing

Showing faces during video conferences is one of the best ways to maintain human interaction over digital means. We’re big fans of OWL Labs; they offer teams crystal clear conference calling and video chatting. You can focus on the conversation at hand! It’s almost like your remote teams are in the conference room together. 

Digital white board

Collaborating creatively and bouncing ideas off each other in a team meeting are some of the biggest benefits to conference rooms. Digital whiteboards allow creative teams to write out their notes and get real-time feedback from remote workers. Most digital white boards also have apps that allow people who aren’t even in the room to see the work online or create multiple boards under the same account, saving notes on each project. 

Crystal clear audio capabilities

Speakers that are never quite loud enough for your meeting space are a thing of the past. High-quality audio systems are more efficient and less expensive now than they’ve ever been. New audio systems also integrate your remote team members with ease. Some even allow for realtime audio mixing so the important things are always heard. 

Multipurpose video content

Whether it’s a livestream or a webinar, your conference room is likely a hub to your video-based communications. We can help put together an infrastructure that records your latest conference call or streams it to your social media audiences, or even sends you that recording to optimize into video content snippets. However you want to leverage your videos, we can create an infrastructure that works best for your team. 

At ATS, we’re able to give your conference room equipment that future proofs your communication while also meeting your team’s needs no matter where they’re working from. You can schedule a free consult with us, and let’s get started! 

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