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Stop Waiting for the World to be Normal. Embrace the Flexible.

For two years, we’ve been waiting for “normal” to come back. The harsh truth is that it’s not coming back. Some companies are struggling under the weight of “we can wait for it to be normal,” and it’s costing them time, money, and sanity.

The “new normal” won’t look like the old 9-to-5 workweeks of previous years. The new normal thrives on flexibility. This flexibility can be a few of the following: 

  • A hybrid work schedule for employees where they spend part of their days in the office and part remote.
  • Customers being able to have virtual consultations rather than in-person appointments. 
  • Connections between software and telecoms lines to make talking to your team easier than ever.

Flexible Technology = Future Proofed Infrastructures

We’ve briefly touched on the importance of future-proofing your infrastructures. “Future proofing” is simply ensuring that your infrastructures can anticipate and handle challenges down the road. While it might seem impossible to predict the future (especially after the events of the last few years), there are a handful of tools that we’ve seen some businesses leverage that keeps them thriving despite tumultuous and uncertain times: 

  • Effective video conferencing: systems like Wildix’s Wizyconf keep teams connected easily, no matter if their platform of preference is Skype, Google Hangouts, or Wildix itself. 
  • Document-sharing integrations: document sharing has become easier, but some tools allow for simpler connectivity. These integrations can mean editing in real-time or not needing to share multiple documents back and forth. 
  • Streamlined sales & chat tools: software like Wildix’s x-bees can combine business communications solutions with Unified Communications & Collaborations tools. This leads to both a scalable internal and external communications tool that gives companies the ability to talk to both team members AND customers from wherever they are.

At ATS, we understand that flexibility isn’t always easy to implement. We’ve got decades of experience in the IT and telecommunications industries; we’ve seen technology come and go (sometimes at rapid speeds). We want to equip each customer with telecommunications tools that help their business thrive for years — not flash-in-the-pan tools that only solve a temporary issue. To learn more about how ATS can help your business become more flexible in changing times, give us a call at 321-207-0084. 

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