5 Ways Better Telecoms Tools Improve Construction Companies

Construction is a dangerous job.

As of 2020 data, construction has the highest number of fatalities in the workplace. It’s also one of the industries with the highest injury rate for workers. When injuries occur, it’s imperative to have a reliable way to call for help. Communication to emergency services, additional team members, and the main office is key in getting injured workers the help they need ASAP. 

Why do quality telecoms infrastructures matter for construction teams? Here are a few reasons we’ve seen at ATS Phones:

1) Improved Safety on Construction Sites

Construction sites can be hazardous environments, and good telecoms infrastructure enables workers to communicate with each other and access critical information in real-time, helping to improve safety and reduce accidents.

2) Better Communication Between All Stakeholders

Good telecoms infrastructure allows construction companies to communicate effectively with clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders, regardless of location. This enables them to make informed decisions, respond to inquiries quickly, and coordinate projects more efficiently.

3) Enhanced Productivity on Site & In the Office

Reliable telecoms infrastructure helps construction companies streamline their processes, automate tasks, and access information quickly, which can lead to improved productivity and reduced costs.

4) Increased Collaboration for Entire Team

By providing access to real-time information and communication tools, quality telecoms infrastructure can facilitate collaboration between teams and partners, regardless of location.

5) Better Project Management

Good telecoms infrastructure provides construction companies with the tools they need to manage projects more effectively, including remote access to project management systems and real-time data on project progress.

Quality telecoms infrastructure is crucial for the success of construction companies, enabling them to operate more efficiently, effectively, and safely.

How Wildix Improves Telecoms for Construction

Meet X Hopper — this collaboration tool brings communication unity to the whole project, from the floor to the warehouse/suppliers. X Hopper works seamlessly with Wildix’s Collaboration app to make calling anyone involved in the project easier. 

ATS can also supply construction companies with up-to-date phones, as well as additional safety features that can signal for help in the event of an emergency. We can also create a hands-free infrastructure to make it easier to take calls while continually working. 

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