A New Era and a New Way to Communicate

The backbone of ATS is using the latest technology to provide clear, concise, and effective communication for your company. Over the years, we’ve prided ourselves on being available to our customers — no matter the need. But we’ve also recognized that sometimes an email, phone call, or text message doesn’t adequately convey the services you need rendered. We needed a way for both our customers and our team to feel confident that we dotted our i’s and crossed our t’s.

That’s where our latest upgrade comes in. ATS is excited to announce that, moving forward, communications with us will be done through either Slack or Microsoft Teams. Clients can now choose whichever program they prefer. Each client will have a channel within their choice of software. We’ll set everything up, and you can interface with us as you need!

For most familiar with remote work, Slack and Teams will feel familiar. But if you need an abbreviated course, here’s a bit about what these services do.



Slack prides itself on being “a better way to communicate” (hence why we were quick to implement it). Slack combines email, instant messaging, and document file sharing all in one. Users can organize conversations within channels and integrate other apps into the software. (We’re personal fans of its workflow and automation, too.)

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Microsoft Teams:

If you’re someone who loves the Microsoft Office Suite, then Teams is for you! Similar to Slack, Teams offers chat functionality (although not as robust as Slack’s). You can also make and receive calls through Teams and schedule quick video chats. Teams streamlines document sharing and also has in-app collaboration tools to work on documents in real-time with your office mates.

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When it comes down to it, both Slack and Teams offer quality digital communication. It’s just a matter of picking which one works best for your workflow and getting in touch with us. And don’t worry, we’ll still be available for an emergency phone call if you’re in a pinch. We’ll now have a more streamlined ticketing system to go along with that. We’re excited to implement these new tools with you in the hopes of getting the same quality service from ATS faster than before.

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