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How Your IT Infrastructure Creates Loyal Customers

Today’s buyers are not only business smart; they’re tech savvy. Creating a faithful customer base not only means having a stellar product. It also includes communicating with your audience on their playing field. 

Reliable phone communication improves customer service. 

No one who calls into a customer service line wants to be put on hold only to be accidentally disconnected! Ensuring that your phone lines are connected to your team, reliably stable, and won’t drop mid-call is critical for a customer to have a good experience calling your company. Most phone systems can run across numerous channels, and ATS Phones has helped companies unify how they talk to customers through one centralized network. This ensures no message gets unheard and no phone call goes unanswered.  

Video puts a face to your brand. 

Yes, customers and clients are relying more on video conferencing than ever before. While some might attribute this spike to the pandemic, we’ve seen this trend coming for years. (That’s why we believe so strongly in Wildix and its services!) Video communication helps put a face behind your brand, humanizing your business. This is especially important to millennials and younger clients who’d much rather see the humans behind a company. We’ve had customers leverage Wildix video conferencing for a number of reasons, from standard conference calls with clients to showcasing products. 

Maintaining IT infrastructures ensures outdated equipment doesn’t hinder communication. 

Infrastructures change — often times rapidly, like we saw with the pandemic and a sudden shift to remote working and online deliveries. However, your IT infrastructure can be built to be as flexible as what your customers need, provided that you invest wisely in technology that can support that flexibility. We understand that your traditional phone system of 15+ years seems to be working great for you, but do your customers feel the same way? 
At ATS, we understand that loyalty is a two-way street, and IT plays an important role in paving that loyalty. That’s why we partner with brands like Wildix that can help companies future-proof their IT infrastructures while also creating reliable, customer-first communication systems. Click here  or give us a ring at 321-207-0084 to talk to us about how we can help boost your brand’s customer loyalty.

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