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Phones that Keep Your Company and Your Customers Connected

ATS offers a range of phone system solutions that work for you. Phone systems should integrate seamlessly and securely to meet your business needs. ATS works to ensure clients have scalable, easy-to-use phone technology made to last.

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What to Expect with an ATS Phone System for Your Business

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Unify your communications channels.

We give your team the freedom to finally manage customer calls, chat, document sharing and video conferencing all in one place.

Get tested and trusted user support.

Our team’s quick response and resolution to user issues is at the heart of our customer-first-mentality.

Cut costs & increase productivity.

Too many channels complicate your business opportunities. We partner with companies that offer customized solutions for your needs. 

Signs It’s Time to Upgrade to New Office Phones

  • Your business struggles with dropped calls whenever you try to transfer. There’s nothing more frustrating for customers or business partners than having to be on hold and suddenly hearing a dial tone click whenever they’re being transferred.
  • Phone calls are data-filled but not protected. When it comes to data breaches, most people think of online information loss. However, most people don’t anticipate those breaches coming in through phone lines. Clinging to legacy systems might seem convenient in the short term, but you can open yourself up to vulnerabilities as the system ages. 
  • The phone bills keep creeping higher for lines you never use. When shifts in team sizes happen, it’s easy to think about office phones being on the backburner. The problem is that you’re still paying for phone lines you never use, and untouched phones take up space you need to utilize in other ways.
  • The office phone isn’t integrated with anything else. Whether your business deals in logistics or sales calls, your phones should be able to translate the information from your calls easily into the rest of your software infrastructure. 

Meet Our Office Phones Partners

Reliable customer service, exceptional product quality, and a variety of software and hardware options that keep customers connected. Read more about our phone infrastructure partners – Wildix and OWL Labs.

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Today’s communications run on numerous channels: smartphones, PCs, desk phones, software, chat messaging, texting and even document sharing. Wildix gives users the opportunity to work anywhere, anytime from any device. 

They understand that too many channels complicate your business, so they’re our partner in creating a unified communications architecture that works for you.

OWL Labs

ATS ensures that you’re covered with both reliable software and hardware. Our partnership with OWL Labs equips your team with crystal-clear conference calling and video chatting.

With OWL’s technology, you won’t waste time on ‘can you hear me now’ conversations. See and hear everything, so you can focus on the conversation and forget the tech.

ATS's Warranty Promise

We want every customer to feel taken care of — whether that’s during the install process or when they have questions about a piece of hardware. That’s why all new and quality reconditioned equipment carries a full manufacturer warranty administered by ATS. This includes add-ons to existing systems. ATS warrants all labor against defects in workmanship for a period of one year. We are fully licensed and insured, and we will gladly provide pricing and letters of recommendation upon request.