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Regular Upgrades: The Secret to Combating Rising Maintenance Costs in Office Communication Tools

When it comes to upgrading your office tools, phones are likely not on the top of your list. The latest video cameras? Sure. Security cams? Naturally. Computers and laptops? Of course. But your office phones? Likely not. Businesses replace desktops every 5-10 years, but some office phones stay in place for 15 or more! For some sense of reference, the iPhone debuted 10 years ago. Think about how many upgrades that’s had in just a decade.

We’re all for investing in lasting hardware and software that provide long-term solutions for your business communications. Who wants a constantly shifting comms infrastructure? However, the law of diminishing returns still affects office hardware. At a certain point, the age of your phones will limit the effectiveness of maintenance fixing them. When businesses feel like they’re sinking more into maintenance than they should, it’s time to consider a hardware upgrade. Here are a few benefits to fresh office phones:

Office Phones are Critical to Comms Infrastructures

No matter how many digital tools come into the workplace, nothing beats being able to pick up the phone and call a business. Office phones are far from dead, but it can be tempting to use tools like video conferencing or instant messaging as reasons to avoid an office phone upgrade. Office desk phones aren’t obsolete, and the newer models can integrate into Unified Communications (UC) apps and VoIP infrastructures like Wildix

Stay Ahead of Maintenance Issues to Offset Connection Problems

Downtimes for hardware issues can hinder productivity and customer satisfaction. If you’ve noticed an increase in dropped calls or connectivity issues, it might be time to take a look at your hardware. Your old office phones might be costing you more than what you think you’re saving by not upgrading. 

Keep in Front of Rising Maintenance Costs

The longer you hold on to a piece of hardware, the more expensive it is to fix down the line. (Just ask any classic car owner!) Phones are no different, and legacy systems can require specific pieces to fix that might not exist anymore. Additionally, inflation makes it hard to keep maintenance costs down, as pieces creep up in expense. 

Once you know your phones need a facelift, getting started can be tricky. If you give us a call, we can help you inventory your needs from start to finish. We’ll ask questions about connectivity issues, how many phones you regularly use, how many lines you need, and what features are most important to your team and customers. Stop paying for expensive maintenance repairs to patch up failing hardware, and give us a call at 321-207-0084 to start your upgrade. 

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