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Preparing IT and Phones for Central Florida Summer

For Florida residents, the warmer weather brings visions of tan lines rather than cabling lines and business comms. Summer means a trip to the beach, scorching rays, and those infamous summer storms. But for Florida businesses, summers can lead to problems bigger than a sunburn. Companies can often see sudden increases in business, and thus higher demands on their communications infrastructures. Not to mention that any storm system or hurricane that breezes through the area can have lasting damage to a company’s infrastructure. Here are a few tips for what to do this summer to save your IT and office communications. 

Protect Your IT Infrastructure from Summer Storms

Summer storms are famous in Florida, but even long-standing Florida companies can be impacted by poor or old wiring.We’ve seen wiring deep-fried by a lightning strike because of improper placement and grounding. Before your stuff gets fried, call us and we can give your IT infrastructure the once-over it needs to ensure you stay up and running during severe weather. 

Prepare for Seasonal Business Fluctuations

Each business is different and can have seasonal fluctuations, but those are incredibly apparent in a vacation/tourist destination like Florida. Whether you’re seeing a slump or a sizable shift in your business, you should have a communications and IT infrastructure that can handle and shift with you. 

Take Inventory of Your IT Infrastructure. 

Summer is the perfect time to take a look at how your IT operations are running. Taking inventory of your IT can be as small as confirming that two-factor authentication is turned on in all company softwares. It can also be something larger like looking at your company’s firewall and antivirus security. Your infrastructure is the backbone of talking to your customers and ensuring you’re running at your best. 

Communicating with your customers can happen across all sorts of devices, from phones to video chats to in-person interactions. At ATS Phones, we’ve been helping businesses in the Orlando area and throughout Central Florida upgrade their office phone infrastructure. Whether you’re looking to upgrade a call center or just cut down on the number of lines your team uses, we can take care of each step. Get in touch by texting/calling at 321-207-0084.

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