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Tips for Finance Companies to Improve Communication with Customers

Information Technology (IT) and telecommunications services can do wonders for any business. For financial companies, CPA groups, and financial planners, a healthy telecom infrastructure can be a saving grace during busy seasons like audit periods or the dreaded tax season. Here are a few tips for finance companies on how to make their IT/telecoms infrastructure work better for them: 

Offer video channels for consultations

The pandemic has changed a lot across myriad industries, and for finances, most in-person meetings became virtual meetings or even emails. Video conferencing with clients can still be more convenient for everyone involved, making it easier for clients to reach out to an advisor and cutting costs for the advisors by empowering them to work remotely. 

Leveraging the power of webinars

Webinars have long been an effective way for companies to distribute their resources in an engaging format, but the pandemic really thrust effective webinars into prominence. Webinars not only substitute for virtual classes, but they can also be important reference points for clients and potential clients looking for financial help. Using a reliable infrastructure like Wizyconf can allow finance teams to use the video conferencing system of their choice while sharing screens, recording sessions, or even producing webinars. 

Ensure your systems integrate with existing software

When looking to upgrade any software or hardware, keep in mind that what you use most often should integrate with it. This can keep your information flowing and prevents information silos within your company. At ATS, we help clients pick the right tech upgrades that won’t ruin the rest of their workflow. Our goal is to make a telecom pathway that keeps you talking to customers and each other, worry-free. 

If you’re tired of dropped calls, spotty service, or asking “did we schedule this with Zoom, Teams, or Google Hangouts?,” we can help you create a solution that works best for your communication flow. Give us a call or text at 321-207-0084 or schedule a free consult

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