Critical Signs You Should Upgrade Your Office Phone System

Hey, Orlando businesses: tired of dropped calls? ATS Phones can help improve your office phones.

We know phones; that’s why it’s in our name! After decades in the business, we’ve seen just about everything when it comes to upgrading office phones. Here are a few signs that it might be time to upgrade your office phone: 

You constantly have dropped calls whenever you try to transfer. 

There’s nothing more frustrating for customers or business partners than having to be on hold and suddenly hearing a dial tone click whenever they’re being transferred. If you’re struggling with an office phone system that simply isn’t connected in a way that serves your customers or your team, it’s time for an upgrade. 

Your office phone calls are data-filled but not protected. 

When it comes to data breaches, most people think of online information loss. However, most people don’t anticipate those breaches coming in through phone lines. Clinging to legacy systems might seem convenient in the short term, but you can open yourself up to vulnerabilities as the system ages. 

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    You’re overpaying for office phone lines you never use. 

    For many businesses of late, you *did* have a thriving employee base… but then 2020 hit and things changed. When shifts in team sizes happen, it’s easy to think about office phones being on the backburner. The problem is that you’re still paying for phone lines you never use, and untouched phones take up space you need to utilize in other ways.

    Your office phone system seems isolated from the rest of your software. 

    In this digital era, phones have to be part of a larger Unified Communications (UC) framework. (Don’t know what UC is? You can read up about that in our blog!) Whether your business deals in logistics or sales calls, your phones should be able to translate the information from your calls easily into the rest of your software infrastructure. 

    At ATS Phones, we’ve been helping businesses in the Orlando area and throughout Central Florida upgrade their office phone infrastructure. Whether you’re looking to upgrade a call center or just cut down on the number of lines your team uses, we can take care of each step. Get in touch by texting/calling at 321-207-0084 or filling out the form!